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Spring Time Allergies


Spring time is approaching, which primarily means that green and yellow dust will start to appear on your cars, windows, and start to take over in North Texas. Most species of tree pollen starts to emerge in February and can persist well into the summer. Allergy suffers should try to minimize their time outdoors during the day as the tree pollen counts are often higher and more potent while the sun is out. It is very important to determine which species of trees you may be allergic to, and this can be done with routine allergy skin testing.

If the trees are causing your sniffles and itchy, watery eyes stop your job as a lumberjack and come see us!!

Get The Most Out Of Your Moisturizers

Skin care has come a very long way. Even in just the last decade we have seen remarkable strides in the arena of skin care and especially in moisturizers.
Todays moisturizers serve multiple purposes.
        • To repair the skin’s ability to provide effective barrier against outside pollutants, toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungi and to prevent the essential components of our skin and tissues from escaping our bodies.
        • To increase the water content of the skin in both dermis and epidermis.
        • To reduce skin vulnerability against trans-epidermal (through the skin) water loss.
        • To rebalance the skin’s composition of lipids (fats) both inside and outside the skin cells.
        • To deliver nutrients and regulatory substances to the viable portion of the dermis and epidermis.
Most moisturizers consist of at least one of these ingredients.
Emollients – improve the visual aspect of the skin by sealing the tiny splits between the components of stratum
Occlusive Agents – block trans-epidermal water loss. Because of the powerful occlusive properties, these agents have to be used carefully on the face as acne related to the use of cosmetics can result.
Humectants – are designed to attract water either from the environment or from the underlying dermis to the epidermis.
Additional additives designed to add extra benefits to the traditional functions of the moisturizers.
If you are holding out on utilizing a good

Teen Acne Part 3 – Suicide Risks

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the issues and treatments for teen acne. While this started as a back to school series it has quickly become an overwhelming resounding awareness of how serious teen acne has become since I was in high school


When I was in high school the worst that could ever happen was the occasional wedgy or maybe, maybe a beating but that was more or less a set up for 90210 Beverly Hills!


What I have come to learn over the last two weeks has been more than just a little disturbing.


I have had patients and friends respond to me in a way that I never imagined!


I thought I would have a few people respond with their horrible high school memories that are amusing all these years later not be congratulated for addressing an issue of todays teens!


I had NO idea that kids today were actually dropping out of school and in literally hundreds of cases every year actually ending their short precious lives in part to something like acne.


As I have been contacted by