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Literally millions of Americans suffer from extreme allergies to food ranging from nuts to milk. By far the greatest method for treating these allergies is Food Desensitization. Our food desensitization programs can provide a long-term solution for patients with peanut, egg, milk, or other food allergies. At the end of this 3-6 month program patients should be able to consume these foods with no allergic reactions. This program introduces the allergic food to the patient in minor doses orally over a period of time. The time can range from 3 – 6 month based on the patient. By steadily increasing the dosage of the allergen food our patients build a tolerance as their immune system adjust accordingly.

The first visit of the desensitization process lasts from 2 to 4 hours. During this time the patient will receive multiple doses of very small amounts of diluted milk, diluted peanut flour, diluted egg powder, or other diluted protein, as this is an oral desensitization. There are no available shots for food allergies. The patient will return weekly for dose increases followed by a period of observation. Between each visit the patient will take two doses of the desensitizing food each day at home. Once maintenance dose is reached the food must be eaten daily to maintain tolerance.

Whether you are looking to build a tolerance in case of accidental consumption or if you wish to include your allergic foods to your regular diet food

Back To School Skin Care, Part Two – DIET

Keeping with the theme of starting back to school and the dreaded teen acne we are discussing food and diet in general.

Helping teens with acne has become a billion dollar industry. While there are many good products out there as well as easy, painless laser treatments like I perform many of the effects can be lessen by being aware of how our bodies, namely our faces respond to certain foods.

I remember as a kid how much I didn’t believe that diet had anything to do with my acne problem. Then again I also didn’t think my acne would ever go away!
Fortunately it did but it could have been a lot easier had I listened to m dear ole moms advice.

Recent studies suggest that carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which cause glucose and insulin levels to spike, may influence the development and severity of acne. Of course the opposite is true. A diet high in protein and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index seemed to improve acne breakouts.

So what does all this medical jargon mean for you or your kiddios? Well it doesnt mean that any one food is causing acne. However, a healthy diet will certainly improve your overall health. Instead of highly processed foods, try incorporating more whole grains (such as whole wheat bread, wheat pastas, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.) into your diet, as well as plenty vegetables, fruit, and lean protein. As always you want to limit the amount of soda, sugary snacks, and other “junk foods” whenever possible. You have nothing to lose, and a healthy body to gain. And while the research is still ongoing I can strongly say possibly clearer skin, too.

While this study did not link any one food to acne breakouts, it does strongly suggests that a nutritious diet can help the skin stay healthy too. More research needs to be done to prove a definitive link between diet and acne development. However after years of working with teens and their skin as well as their allergies I can tell you there is a link. Please don’t ignore this.

As your body is going through so many changes especially hormonal changes during your teen years there is no reason to multiply the effects on your skin with a bad diet.

If a particular food seems to cause more breakouts for you, avoid eating it.

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