Are you always tired? Taking forever to recover from colds and sinus infections?

You could be suffering from Immunodeficiency…

Immunodefiency refers to a lack of the function of the immune system. These disorders can be quite complex. Patients will often notice having infections or colds frequently or not being able to get better from these infections as quickly as other people causing frequent missed work and school days. There is a wide spectrum of disroders that have been identified.

The immune system can be thought of simply as an army. Testing can be performed to determine if there are the correct number of “soldiers” or cells of the immune system. Furthermore, once it is determined that the correct number of cells are present we can perform more sophisticated testing to determine if thoses cells are actually performing the function that they are supposed to do. If an immunodeficiency is identified we can often replenish what the immune system is lacking in a variety of injections. These disorders can also be treated with a variety of unique medications depending on the cause.


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