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Teen Acne Part 3 – Suicide Risks

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the issues and treatments for teen acne. While this started as a back to school series it has quickly become an overwhelming resounding awareness of how serious teen acne has become since I was in high school


When I was in high school the worst that could ever happen was the occasional wedgy or maybe, maybe a beating but that was more or less a set up for 90210 Beverly Hills!


What I have come to learn over the last two weeks has been more than just a little disturbing.


I have had patients and friends respond to me in a way that I never imagined!


I thought I would have a few people respond with their horrible high school memories that are amusing all these years later not be congratulated for addressing an issue of todays teens!


I had NO idea that kids today were actually dropping out of school and in literally hundreds of cases every year actually ending their short precious lives in part to something like acne.


As I have been contacted by